Welcome to a World of Chess with Tom Meurs, where mastering the game is made simple! As a specialist in training players rated 1000-1400, my unique approach focuses on making difficult concepts easy to understand, helping you towards a 1600-2000 rating.

Seeing much, suffering much, and studying much, are the three pillars of learning. ~ Benjamin Disraeli 

My approach is focused on the above quote from Benjamin Disraeli about the three pillars of learning: giving many examples (seeing much), analysing your games (suffering much) and giving homework (studying much).


As a chess coach, I’m specialized in helping students from beginner (ELO 1000-1400) to intermediary (ELO 1600-2000). I’m excited to offer three distinct types of coaching packages. Each package is carefully designed to different types of needs, aspirations, and levels of experience in the world of chess. Whether you’re taking your first steps on the chessboard, looking to refine specific aspects of your game, or aiming to reach new heights in competitive play, there’s a coaching option tailored just for you.

Package 1 Brainstorm:

  1. 1-Hour Coaching Session: One-on-one brainstorm session, where you could ask me any questions about chess, improvement, studying, opening positions, etc.

Package 2 Competitive Edge:

  1. 10 x 1-Hour Coaching Sessions: Focused, weekly one-on-one coaching. Coaching aimed at enhancing a specific part of your game, either a strength or a weakness.
  2. Initial Strength and Weaknesses Test: A diagnostic test to identify areas of focus. I will send you a strength and weakness-report (pdf). Furthermore, we align expectations and set goals based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Final Report: A detailed summary at the end of the coaching period, outlining your strengths and weaknesses, the progress made, the techniques used for improvement, and recommendations for continued development in your chess journey.
  4. Access to Monthly Simul: Participate in a monthly simultaneous chess session from a specific training position, providing a unique, practical experience in a competitive setting.
  5. Email Support: Reach out by email anytime with a commitment to respond within 48 hours.

Package 3 Chess Mastery:

  1. Includes all of Package 2 Competetive Edge: All options of ‘Package 2 Competetive Edge’ are included in Package 3 plus:
  2. Game Analysis: Send up to 3 games before each session for advanced analysis.
  3. Priority Email Support: Reach out by email anytime with a commitment to respond with priority, preferably within 1 hour.
  4. Complimentary Course Access: Free access to all existing and future courses produced by the coach.
  5. Midway Progress Report: Offer detailed progress report after 5 coaching sessions to track improvements and areas needing more focus.
  6. Tailored Homework Positions (Optional): Customized positions and scenarios for practice, designed according to individual needs.

For prices, please send me an e-mail.


It is also possible to get training with my Udemy Courses:

World of Chess 1: Foundation
This concise two-hour course is perfect for absolute beginners, providing a quick start into the game of chess. It’s also an ideal gift for birthdays or holidays!

Chess Bootcamp: Strategy
Enhance your chess strategy with this course, tailored for those who sometimes find themselves playing without a clear plan. Learn to consistently develop a strategy in every position!

Chess Bootcamp: Tactics
The key of winning a chess game is by either mating your opponent or with material advantage. Often, this has to be done with forced moves or sequences, called tactics. Learn the most important tactics in chess in this course.

Chess Bootcamp: Endgame
Master the crucial endgame phase in chess with my beginner-friendly course. While many players find this stage challenging and dull, my approach makes it easy to learn, ensuring you only have to master it once. Get all the essential endgame knowledge you need in one comprehensive package


  1. After taking Tom’s course, my understanding of chess has deepened significantly. Highly recommended.” – Alex H.
  2. Tom’s coaching has been a game-changer for me. His personalized feedback and strategic insights have helped me climb from a 1200 to a 1600 rating in just a few months. He has a knack for pinpointing exactly what I need to work on, and his lessons are always enriching and fun.” – Sara G.
  3. As a beginner, I was intimidated by the complexity of chess, but Tom’s coaching made it so accessible and enjoyable. His lessons are clear, concise, and filled with valuable insights. I can confidently say I’ve found a lifelong coach in Tom.” – Michael D.
  4. I’ve tried several online chess courses, but none compare Tom’s coaching. His unique way of breaking down tactics and strategies has helped me see the chessboard in a whole new light. Plus, his constant encouragement and supportive teaching style have boosted my confidence immensely.” – Emily R.
  5. Tom’s endgame course was a revelation for me. He transformed what I thought was a dull part of the game into an exciting field of study. His lessons are a perfect mix of theory and practice, and I have seen noticeable improvement in my endgame strategies since taking his course.” – David P.


For over 20 years enjoyed the beauty of chess. Would love to share that with everyone. Traveled the world for chess tournaments, playing in both National and European Championships (FIDE 2290). I firmly believe everyone can learn chess. I specialize in coaching beginners (ELO rating 1000-1400) who want to become strong chess players (rating ELO 1600-2000).

Currently living in Amersfoort and working as a technician. My background is in applied mathematics. Next to chess I love music and triathlon.

If you have any questions about chess, or if you’re interested in personalized coaching to improve your game, I’m just an e-mail away. Reach out to me at info@chesstom.com for all your questions, coaching inquiries, or even to discuss your chess journey. Whether you’re looking for advice on specific areas of improvement, interested in developing a tailored training program, or simply wish to explore more about what my coaching can offer you, I’m here to assist. Your chess ambitions and goals are important to me, so let’s start the conversation today!