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Private Coaching

Private Coaching

To become better at chess you have to make fewer mistakes. To do so, you need to learn about previous mistakes. One way to go is to study your own games, the classics and make puzzles. This is a good strategy, but there is a better one: private lessons. A coach could spot your mistakes more quickly. It accelerates your learning. Therefore, I think it is important for everyone who wants to improve, either for example from 1000 to 1200 or from 1300 to 1700, to take private coaching. I would love to help you to achieve your goals. My coaching style is direct, tailored to the students needs and entertaining.

About Me

My name is Tom Meurs. My current FIDE rating is 2230. I played chess my entire life. What fascinates me most about chess, is that the moment you think you know it all, you quickly realize you do not know anything. The structures, patterns, it is just such a deep game. I love to help people to become better chess players.

About Me


I offer three types of coaching:

    • Package 1: 55 euro / 1 hour. This is mostly a brainstorm session, where you could ask me any questions about chess, improvement, studying, opening positions, etc.
    • Package 2: 500 euro / 10 x 1 hour. We start with a strength and weaknesses test. Furthermore, we talk about expectations. Then for 10 weeks, I will coach you to improve at a particular part of your game; either one of your strengths or one of your weaknesses. If you play and/or study chess, I will give you weekly assignments to focus on (for example: “every move has to take at least 3 seconds” or “focus on forcing moves first”).
    • Package 3: 700 euro / 10 x 1 hour. Same as package 2, but now you can send me 3 games before every session, which I will analyse in advance. Furthermore, you could reach me by e-mail anytime and I will respond within 24 hours. Also, you get all courses I every produced for free. Finally, I could provide you with homework positions tailored to your needs (optional).



If private coaching is too expensive, it is also possible to get training with my Udemy Courses:

World of Chess 1: Foundation

Chess Bootcamp: Strategy

Chess Bootcamp: Tactics

Chess Bootcamp: Endgame



If interested, please send me a message:

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Amersfoort, Netherlands